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Autumn Kitchen {Winter Berry Compote}

I was out having breakfast with a friend the other morning and, as per, I opted for my favourite porridge option.  It happened to come served with the most delicious blackberry compote and I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I’m not a massive blackberry fan but served in this way, on pancakes or in breakfast […]


A Week of Meal Inspirations {With Spar NI}

Being a parent I’m finding, in these later childhood years at least, is a whole lot about planning, scheduling, driving, and delivering people to where they need to be.  If you have kids over the age of five I know you get me.  Lets all just hang up our ‘Mum’s Taxi’ signs and call it a […]


Brown Bread Breakfast Pudding {With Brennans Be Good}

As the Autumn rolls in, and particularly as the kids head back to school, I start thinking more about what I put in their tummies in the mornings. I remember being at school myself, and my mum having to coax me to eat breakfast at all. Those extra minutes in bed are seriously crucial, aren’t […]

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In the Kitchen {Pear and Fudge Scones}

Eva and I made these little beauties for afternoon tea this Saturday and they went down a storm.  They are virtually fool proof and, whilst we opted for a quirky filling, you could add anything to the basic recipe really.  I’ve even made a savoury version using cheese and crispy bacon too.  Delicious! Some pictures of […]


Little Wood at Christmas {Decorating Day!}

HAPPY CHRISTMASSSS! (Still hasn’t got old 😉 ) This weekend past we properly decked our house out for the festive season.  It has become a bit of a thing for us to have a decorating day each year now, and it’s something that we all really look forward to. (Andrew relaxes into it once the […]


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