Five Things {Wearing, Seeing, Doing}

What a week to be alive! I’m writing this on a damp Friday morning, and thinking that it’s probably just as well it’s raining really because a) The under-water/ over-water plant stress has been real and b) I’ve managed to read a whole book whilst sitting in the sun this past week.  This is, of course, […]


Around Home {Our Outdoor Space And Some Plans!}

The thing about building a house, is that the actual structure is only half of it.  We were so focused on creating a space to live in, in those early years, that the issue of a garden area really passed us by initially.  We’ve started to make in-roads into landscaping this past few years, but […]


Four years at Little Wood {Building our Forever Home}

Four years ago today we moved in to our home.  It was the culmination of eleven months of pretty intense building work, and the sum of many more years of planning and preparation before that. I remember how exhausted we were, after a year of problems, illness and worries.  But also elated that we’d finally […]


Around Home {Bar Cart Tour}

We got our bar cart a few weeks ago now and I’ve been excited to show it to you properly ever since. We opted for this one in the end (after MUCH deliberation. I just kept coming back to this as my favourite!) and always had this spot in our hallway in mind for it. […]


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