I’m the worst blogger ever, in the sense that I often overlook the little things that I probably should be writing about.  I’m always amazed at the beautiful content that some people can produce around the very simplest of things, and I’m challenged to share more of those too. (*It doesn’t always have to be an essay Emma!)

Someone was asking me the other day about how I manage to get the wax out of my candle jars, and it occurred to me that I should share it here.  It’s hardly going to change the course of history, but it is one of those little life hacks that will allow you to reuse glass candles should you wish to.  And if they’re particularly fancy ones, get more for your money too!





My jars once held my favourite Winter scent from The White Company (I’m waiting until October to feel I can legitimately burn it again!) and I’ve repurposed the jars all over our house.  They hold everything from cotton buds to soap and flowers, and even jewellery too.

To clean them out after use, you firstly put them in the freezer for twenty four hours.  The cold makes the wax contract and come away from the sides of the jar.  You can easily pop it out with a knife then, before washing them and reusing.  It’s the simplest of procedures but you’d not believe the years I stubbornly tried pouring on boiling water, before I discovered it.  Cue 678 cracked candle jars.  What a gal!

So here lies my most basic of posts.  I’ll maybe go against my better nature and be all succinct from now on.

Or not. 😉

E x