Summer is within touching distance, right?

Here in NI school breaks up at the end of June and, whilst it’s a bit of a bittersweet time for us (Eva is about to leave Primary, and a school that she has been so incredibly happy in for the past seven years.  It’s an emotional one!) we are all so ready for a rest from routine and a few weeks of adventures over the holiday period.

When I sat down at the beginning of 2017, to really think about what I wanted to focus on achieving this year (you can find all my New Year goals in this post)  travel was a huge element.  I think last Summer really sealed the deal for us, in terms of the experiences we had, and also how much closer we became in the process (there ain’t no party like a road trip party! 😉 )  Our kids are at an age now where they really appreciate everything that the world has to offer and, whilst I often worry about the dangers that seem more and more prevalent, I also really firmly believe that we need to cultivate and nurture children that are tolerant and open to difference.  There is no better way to do that than in showing them new things, talking about history and culture, sharing scenery and tastes, finding the unspoilt.

I’m not sure whether it has been the Law of Attraction, or just very fortunate circumstances, but we’ve already been lucky enough to visit a few places this year, and there’s lots more on the agenda for this Summer too.  I’m so excited about it!








This Summer we are heading back to the Channel Islands for a quick week with family in July.  We fell in love with it two years ago and are all so looking forward to the British seaside vibe, the beautiful cobbled streets and the amazing seafood too.  If you ask Eva, Noah and Annie what their favourite holiday is, they’ll always say Jersey first and foremost.  It makes my heart happy as it’s where I spent all my childhood holidays too.  It’s a very special little place.





We’re home for a couple of weeks and then heading back to the South of France.  It has become such a home from home for us now, and we’re always excited to get back.  The little village we stay in is very much a local one – unspoilt and rustic (it’s not the spot to visit if you want a resort feel!) but we love it a lot.  The scenery is totally breathtaking and it has that slow, sleepy, uncomplicated vibe that holidays are made of.





We thought that was going to be it for this year, and were so thankful to be having opportunity for even those two trips but, amazingly, we have been asked to work on some travel content for Airbnb and an online family magazine over the Summer period too.  We were given a number of destinations to choose from but, as we’re in Europe anyway, we decided on another road trip and are going to be exploring Tuscany for five days in late August too.  Andrew and I have travelled quite a bit in Italy over the years, and have visited some of the major cities, but we are thrilled to be going back with the kiddos now too.  It was actually one of our options for last Summer, but we had accommodation issues and ended up heading North instead.  This year we’ll be staying right in the middle of the Tuscan countryside (the place in insane. I can’t wait to show you!) and exploring all the family friendly activities in the region.  If you have any tips for must-sees, places to eat or things to do I’m definitely all ears to hear them!




I feel so lucky to be having opportunity to spend a Summer in special places – new and old – with my gang this year.  We have had some incredible trips this year already, and feel so fortunate to be able to share them with our children too.  Taking photos of my people in beautiful places is my most favourite thing to do.  Out of everything I document on here, I feel that it’s the part I’m most at home with.  I hope you’ll maybe enjoy seeing them too.

Here’s to an exciting Summer season ahead!

E x