The most unspringy Spring I ever did see though. 🙁

Mind you,  I did indeed witness a lady rocking her Summer dress and sandals the other day and wanted to congratulate her on her fortitude in what can only be described as inclement weather.  I love a sense of optimism!

Not giving up my padded coat and socks any time soon though. No siree!

I’ve a tonne of pictures from the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d do a quick post today to have somewhere to put them.  It’s a bit of a random mish-mash, but they really make me smile nonetheless!







^^  We headed to Eden Pottery the other week, and made a detour past Scrabo on the way, partly to walk Ernie, and partly to catch the views from the top.  I’m pretty sure I was up here at some point when I was little, but had totally forgotten just how gorgeous it is.  From the comments my Instagram friends left, we seem to have caught the one non-windy day too, which was a total bonus!

We’ve been going to Eden Pottery since Annie was tiny, and the kids still absolutely love it.  I’d thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it –  even for adults!  I really treasure the pottery pieces that we’ve decorated in the past, and the coffee shop is amazing too (Try a rhubarb scone.  I promise you, your scone goals will be met forevermore!)




^^ I totally adore this little skirt with braces that I got for Annie.  You can’t see too well here, but it has bicycles and boats right round it.  So sweet!  Looking forward to putting a little t-shirt under it this Summer too!






^^  Our garden is a bit waterlogged and squelchy at the moment because of all the rain we’ve had.  We were chatting just yesterday about the Summer; getting the paddling pool out, and barbecues, and eating outdoors.  It all seems very far away right now but I’m hopeful that we’ll get there (we will, won’t we?!)  At the moment I’d settle for a little more green on these trees.  They still very much have their Winter look on!







^^  Last week we got so fed up of planning around the weather and just headed out in it anyway.  As a very wise lady told me ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.’  I’m fully subscribing to that this Spring because we all suffer so badly from cabin fever, and I just think you have to make the most of any days you get all together, don’t you? (Our kids might not agree wholeheartedly with this, but I’m working on them! 😉 )

We visited Spelga Dam, and then stopped at Silent Valley for a walk and a play in those epic trees.  We got totally soaked (Ernie had a full on frizzy hair situation happening! 🙂 ), but it was worth it for a few moments in the fresh air (and the ice cream on the way home too!)






^^  Spot the kids!  I love the perspective here – giant trees and little children!

Annie found this little feather on our walk yesterday and, of course it had to come home in my pocket because half of the countryside does on occasion!  I do love her little eagle eye for things like this though – she’s definitely my daughter! It was a super fluffy baby one too, so we were making up all sorts of stories about how the baby bird lost it as we walked. (They all ended happily, you’ll be relieved to know! 😉 )





^^ Andrew and I are on a bit of a health kick now, in the run up to the Summer holidays, and so we’re thinking a bit more about what we put into our bodies over these next few weeks. (I’m generally pretty good until the 3pm sugar slump hits and then it’s a total disaster zone!)  Anyway, we made these amazing Huevos Rancheros on Friday night and they were so delicious, and filling too!  This recipe was from a magazine, but try this one too if you want to give it a go! (Oh, and we’ve literally just discovered that flour tortillas are completely calorie laden!  Who’d have thought?!  This is devastating for my fajita love, so if you’ve any suggestions for wrap alternatives I’m all ears!)

Hope you had a lovely weekend!


E x