How are you?

My goodness, I’ve been a bit MIA recently, haven’t I? Sorry about that!

We lost someone very dear to us a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been struggling to find my way back to writing again. I’d considered sharing it on here, but then decided that some things are maybe best kept close. That circle of life is both beautiful, as well as harsh some times, and the two ends of the spectrum have been so very evident to me in these fleeting few weeks. It has taught me that life and all its ups and downs; all the heartbreaks and disappointments, all the small joys, and the big ones too, are there to be valued. That nothing is insurmountable as long as we have family, good friends and our health. That time will pass in a blink, and our years will never be long enough, so using them well is so important. To tell stories, listen carefully to others, hold my babies (always, despite their age or willingness!) Laugh, make the phone call, embrace opportunities, prioritise. Create a life to be proud of, and one that others might be proud of too.

It has been heart breaking, but in the midst of it all there has been solidarity, comfort in remembering, and evidence of the true goodness of people. Those are the things I want to focus on moving forward, and I’m forever thankful for the ability to do so, and for a family that keeps me on track.

(I really shouldn’t have started this before I took Ernie for a walk. #puffyeyes 🙂 )

I hope you are well!


A few pictures from around and about this last couple of weeks if you’d like to see!








^^  I am that girl who takes all the clichéd blogger photos! 😉  But blossom just cannot be surpassed in my eyes, and I’m taking full advantage of it while it’s sticking around!  Also, I’m now wishing for a garden filled with Magnolia trees.  They are just the prettiest!







^^  We’ve been loving this past week of better weather (I particularly love ankle boots with socks on my little three.  Hooray for getting the legs out!)  It has made Andrew and I keen to get started on planting outside, so we’re really hoping that the weather sticks around this bank holiday weekend, so that we can do a garden centre visit. (If you’ve looked at the forecast and it’s bad, break it to me gently, won’t you?)








^^  I had some friends to stay last weekend and so the house was extra specially tidy when I took these pictures!  I just want to take a moment for the return of Peony season too though. Oh man, I love them longtime. 🙂  I saw the most amazing coral pink ones this morning too.  They looked almost like tulips, their petals were so delicate. Beauty!






^^  Speaking of those friends!  I had the best day with these two beauties in Belfast on Friday.  I’m so thankful to have met them through this big interweb world (as I am with so many others too!) and loved spending time with them in actual real life!  You can find Anna here and Triona here (she trekked all the way from Kilkenny to stay.  I love her for it!)  I’d so recommend giving them a follow if you don’t already.


Monday again!  Can you even believe it?  And next week it’s May. Crazy!

Have a lovely week!


E x


Ps. We’ve just started Snapchatting!  You can find us at littlewoodlife5 if you’d like to follow along!