When we were reading up on Venice, and in particular the best things to do with kids, Burano kept popping up as a must see. Situated on a separate island across the lagoon from mainland Venice, it is reached by ferry and takes around 45 minutes.

Principally a fishing island (a traditional livelihood which exists to this day) it has combined the old with the new, and now sees much of its income generated from the tourists flocking through its colourful streets. The thing to remember when on Burano is that you are essentially a captive audience. Beautiful undoubtedly; quaint and colourful and a welcome respite from the fierce humidity of Venice – but while you are there expect huge cover charges for food and drinks (and large queues at what few restaurants there are!) and an altogether pricier experience than the mainland. We would do it again most definitely, but come better prepared with our own little picnic packed!

That said, everything else about the island is completely captivating and we loved every second of our time there.

Some pictures of our day!